20 Vintage Lightroom Presets Vol.1

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Discover the new “Vintage Vol.1 ” Lightroom Preset Collection made by professional photographers.

Combine today’s photography techniques with the looks from the past! Take your images on a journey back in time and add some styles from long gone eras when photography was still purely analog. Choose between 20 different Vintage Presets all included in Vintage Vol.1.

Vintage Vol.1 brings back the glamour and the atmosphere of the past with just a few clicks. You are inspired by looks from long past eras? The style of the early days of photography is what you strive for? Or you adore the pioneers of color photography? All you need for that are the right editing tools and color filter.

The new Vintage Vol.1 collection is a tribute to the style and craft of the great masters of photography’s past and a specific recurrence of the so-called old-fashioned look. Use our Adobe Lightroom Presets Vintage Vol.1 to take your images back in time and let them come along in the look from the times when the new color photography was born.

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